Cataloguing the Aylward collection

I recently joined the project team as Project Cataloguer and through my postings I would like to share with you the progress I am making on the cataloguing of the three Historic Music Collections held in SCOLAR, i.e. the Aylward, BBC, and Mackworth collections, as well as interesting items I am coming across in the process.

I have started with the cataloguing of the Aylward collection, named after its former owner Theodore Edward Aylward (1844-1933) who held a number of posts as organist during his lifetime, most importantly at Llandaff Cathedral (1870-1876), Chichester Cathedral (1876-1886), and finally St. Andrew’s Church in Cardiff (1886-1925).

His collection comprises over 800 items, ranging largely from the 18th to the early 20th centuries, and contains both vocal and instrumental music.

If you would like to browse the items already catalogued, the best way would be to do a keyword search on the Cardiff University Library catalogue for the name ‘Aylward, Theodore Edward’.  As we are including his name on all records as a former owner, this will bring out all records created. Please note that not all the information we are inputting is currently displayed on the OPAC, so if you would like to view the full bibliographic record you should click on ‘MARC Format’ on the right of the record display.

In this view you will find additional information about the musical works and also the physical characteristics of the collection items. These include any manuscript annotations that are found on title pages and the musical text as well as bookplates, cover labels etc. revealing important information about the provenance of the copies and the places Aylward was able to acquire them. In addition, any information about the specific copy or set of parts, such as missing pages or parts will be listed here.

For this project we are working closely with RISM-UK and will be sending all records created for pre 1850 items to be incorporated onto the RISM-UK database:

For this reason we are including additional fields used by RISM such as a faithful transcription of the full title page and text incipit information for vocal works on such records. These can likewise be viewed on the ‘MARC view’ display.

We hope that you will find interest in the items catalogued and will be posting more news in the next few weeks on exciting discoveries that are already emerging from the collection!

Loukia Drosopoulou


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